Authorized Service Center

The Laser Network takes the worry out of repair and maintenance services. We have positioned ourselves in the market in order to provide expert service at fair, honest and competitive prices. We have no miscellaneous fees or hidden charges. We will provide you with an accurate quotation, never complete a repair without your express approval, and fully explain the work that we do.

When you need service for your printer, fax machine or plotter, our Hewlett-Packard, Xerox-Tektronix, Minolta-QMS, and Lexmark authorized service technicians can complete the work in our fully equipped service center or at your location. We do both warranty and non-warranty repairs. We have a vast parts inventory and have next-day access to all not-in-stock parts and assemblies.

We have come up with several service options that will meet most of your needs. These service options can be tailored so that we offer you the best option – again putting our customer in the front. In case if you do not see what you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

  • 4-Hour Response Time
  • Monochrome Printers – $75.00 Flat labor rate
  • High-End Color Printers – $75.00 per hour/ 2-hour minimum
  • Plotters – $125.00 Flat Labor
  • Set service charge of $60.00 for declined bids. This amount is waived if repairs are approved!
  • Free Loaner Printers to Prevent Downtime
  • 95% of Repairs Completed On-Site 1st time out
  • 90 Day Warranty on All Repairs
  • Printers Cleaned After Every Repair

  • Purchase printer supplies from Laser Network
  • All printer services are included at NO COST!!
  • NO CHARGE for Parts
  • NO CHARGE for Labor
  • Minimum requirement to qualify

  • All printer service and supplies bundled in a cost per copy.
  • Pay less than one cent per copy on average.

  • v Inexpensive Labor Rate Option Designed for Yearly Budgeting
  • Reduced Cost Benefits Based on Volume
    » 20 Hour Block $1,450.00
    » 50 Hour Block $3,500.00
    » 100 Hour Block $6,000.00

  • Preventative Maintenance Performed Twice Per Year
  • Pro-Active Cleanings and Diagnostic to Prevent Downtime
  • Status Reports Provides Device Condition Overview

  • Preventative Maintenance Performed Twice Per Year
  • 13-Step Cleaning, Diagnostic and Worn Part Replacement Method
  • Proactively Eliminate Over 80% of Future Reactive Service Calls
  • Full Warrant the Entire Printer Throughout the Agreement Term

Printer Type Time & Materials P-13 Basic P-13 Elite
HP 4100N/4200N $75.00 Flat Labor Rate $100.00 $295.00
HP 4000/4000N/4050N $75.00 Flat Labor Rate $100.00 $295.00
HP 5Si/ 8000N $75.00 Flat Labor Rate $125.00 $399.00
HP 8100N/8150N $75.00 Flat Labor Rate $125.00 $475.00
HP 4500N/4550N $75.00 Per Hr w/2-Hr. Min $150.00 $499.00